Do source of funds once, and do it right using our next-generation intelligent tools

  • With open banking and access to our source of funds questionnaire you can quickly identify any unusual or suspicious activity.

  • Automate risk monitoring alerts of any changes to clients’ AML status for the duration of your business relationship, and stay fully compliant with regulatory requirements.

  • Offer a seamless client experience combining source of funds alongside payments and due diligence workflows, removing the need for any back and forth chasing the right information.

De-risk client payments

Avoid any risk of falsified documents by ensuring information is validated directly from the client’s bank by open banking.

Consolidate data in one place

Review bank transactions alongside the completed source of funds questionnaire, and easily see all the information you need for AML checks on transactions in one place.

Create firm-wide consistency

Create a unified, digital-first approach to source of funds checks across your firm, and reduce the risk of human error. 

Everything you need, at a glance

Our platform is designed to streamline your due diligence processes, ensuring you're always informed and prepared for swift and efficient escalations when needed.

  • See which accounts have been verified and which haven’t
  • View evidence for all sources consolidated into a single report
  • A clear summary for quick referencing and effortless escalations

One platform tailored to your requirements

Our products are designed to work together so your unique requirements can be addressed all in one place.

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