Process automation for the modern law firm

Legl’s award-winning no-code platform helps law firms digitise and automate core business operations like payments, onboarding and AML compliance – unlocking productivity and revenue.

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Get paid faster and minimise lockup days

“Our clients started using Legl’s payment request links almost immediately. Legl implementation and in-house debtor recovery tactics have seen our debtor days drop from 34 to 26.”

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Reduce client onboarding time by up to 90%

“Today, 75% to 85% of our clients complete the identity verification and onboarding steps within one day – a turnover that we have never seen before.”

Manage risk more effectively with consistent, automated compliance processes

“Legl has a finger on the pulse of what we in the legal industry want. The organisation [is] able to tick the boxes around what people are looking for, straight out of the box.”

Legaltech for a better client experience

Modular, flexible workflows give firms—and clients—a delightful experience.

What the industry says

"At LawNet we help our members stay ahead of the competition, reduce costs, improve efficiencies and profitability. Technology like Legl’s is key to achieving this and it’s why we chose them as one of our Preferred Suppliers."
George Coombes LawNet preferred provider Legl legal technology
George Coombes
Member Services Manager, LawNet
"Legl enables firms to more efficiently and more effectively meet regulatory obligations, turning managing compliance into a business opportunity."
Crispin Passmore
Former Executive Director, Solicitor's Regulation Authority (SRA)

What our customers say

"With Legl's online payment solution, we reduced our debtor days and improved our working capital cycle. It's had a hugely positive impact on our firm."
Barry Davies
Practice Director
"With Legl and the flexibility that they offer, there was literally nothing to lose. I have been chasing the holy grail of data providers for 10 years now, and I have never come across the service and flexibility that Legl offers."
jamie abrahams harold benjamin solicitors
Jamie Abrahams
Operations Director
"By using Legl, we're making it easier for clients to instruct and pay us. Not only is it a great experience for clients, but getting more clients through the door faster is good for business."
robet peck streeter marshall
Robert Peck
Practice Manager

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