Comprehensive and conclusive ID verification and screening solutions in one interconnected platform

“Legl gives me that little bit of peace of mind knowing I can trust it. If someone came in and said, ‘I want to look at your internal processes,’ I’d be absolutely comfortable knowing that Legl has my back and are keeping things safe. I absolutely trust the information that comes through.”
Natasha Boyland
Director and Head of Risk & Operations
Woodstock legal services
  • Configure different levels of KYC for different risk profiles of client or matters, and automate escalation points. 

  • Provide MLROs and risk teams full visibility, oversight and audit trails for easy audit compliance. 

  • Benefit from access to rich data sources to automate KYC, sanctions and AML checks, document collection and verification, and ongoing risk monitoring.


of clients complete onboarding within one day.

24 hour

ongoing monitoring with instant notifications and alerts and weekly summaries.


of customers rate their experience with Legl positively.

No-code workflows

Digitise client-facing and internal workflows

  • Internal escalations
  • Tailor processes for any client or department
  • Improve client experience and reduce complexity

A consolidated client experience

  • Offer your clients a beautiful, branded introduction to your firm — no app required
  • Give clients a fast, convenient way to sign documents and agreements
  • Access client onboarding funnels and gain visibility into date, department and where a client still needs to provide information

Operational dashboards for exceptional risk oversight

  • Optimise your processes with department level activity and performance insights
  • Highlight opportunities to improve your client experience with insight on completion data
  • Firm-wide, real-time oversight for AML audit

One platform tailored to your requirements

Our products are designed to work together so your unique requirements can be addressed all in one place.

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Legl KYC & AML key features

  • Identity and biometric verification

    Comprehensive KYC checks including ID document verification, identity, and biometric identity Verification.

  • Financial checks

    Full financial insights into your client with bankruptcy, debt collection, and CCJs & decrees screening.

  • Watchlist checks

    Instantly surface any PEPs, sanctions, and adverse media against your client. Find out more here.

  • Ongoing monitoring

    Keep informed and be audit-ready with daily monitoring of your clients PEPs, sanctions, and adverse media status.

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