Matthew Hoe

Director of Risk and Compliance

About Taylor Rose MW

Taylor Rose MW is a leading firm of solicitors in the UK, known for its commitment to using innovative technology to improve services for its clients. With over 1,700 experts nationwide, they're setting new standards in delivery of legal services.

The initial connection

The partnership with Legl began when Taylor Rose MW needed better technology for handling payments and client engagement. Matthew Hoe, the firm's Director of Risk & Compliance and Head of Costs and Civil Appeals, recalls the search for a tech partner that could help the firm work more effectively. "It wasn’t just about investing in new software; it was about finding a partner who could work with us to understand how we worked with clients," he says.

Building the relationship

Getting to know the team at Legl was a turning point. "“Their approach wasn't just about providing a solution; it was about understanding and evolving with us — they weren’t just providers; they were problem solvers, eager to understand our unique challenges and actually work with us to solve them," Hoe notes. This collaboration led to Taylor Rose MW getting involved in Legl’s product development initiatives, putting them in pole position to explore new technologies and innovations.

A partnership rooted in progress

Taylor Rose MW played a crucial role in testing Legl Assist, Legl's AI-powered compliance tool for client due diligence. Hoe explains, "Being part of the Legl Assist project wasn't just an opportunity for us to get to use new technology; it was a chance to shape it.” Hoe explains “our feedback could influence how the technology developed, and inform our own approach to adoption and rollout.” 

When Legl Assist was launched, Taylor Rose MW was among the first to use it, highlighting the firm’s commitment to embracing new technology.

Artificial intelligence is something that every firm is looking at” Hoe continues. “Having an active role in the development of an AI use-case puts the firm at the forefront of innovation — something we know our clients value.”

Looking forward

Hoe is excited to continue working to embrace new technologies and, in particular, to continue exploring how to make routine tasks even more efficient. "It’s about the way lawyers work, not just technology for technology’s sake," he says “real innovation shouldn’t force change — it should make work easier. I look forward to the day technology can do even more.” 

We couldn’t agree more Matthew! 

Legl Assist

Legl Assist is an analyst tool that uses AI to streamline client due diligence. It enhances analysis, cuts down review times, and ensures consistent practice, allowing legal professionals to focus on more strategic tasks.