Make better, and significantly faster, risk-based decisions

"Within a month of adopting Legl’s CDD AI Assist we’ve been able to reduce the time spent on initial analysis for complex compliance flags, and make better, and significantly faster, risk-based decisions. It’s been a very useful enhancement increasing our turnaround time and speed of service delivery."
Paula Fowler
Paula Fowler
COFA / MLRO at Fisher Jones Greenwood
  • Review your data and 'consider' results equipped with the right context, faster than ever before.
  • Save as much as 10-15% of your fee-earners time on client due diligence checks.
  • Use AI to help perform increasingly complex tasks involving lots of disparate data.

Legl Assist key features

  • Data privacy

    Your data remains within our platform, and we prohibit the use of your data for training AI models, maintaining your data's security and privacy.

  • UK-based

    Nothing leaves the UK, ensuring compliance with data regulations.

One platform tailored to your requirements

Our products are designed to work together so your unique requirements can be addressed all in one place.

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Equitable remedy stipulation ex post facto judicial discretion arbitration appellate jurisdiction res ipsa loquitur fiduciary duty trespass subpoena verdict admissible hearsay.

  • Verdict admissible hearsay
  • Verdict admissible hearsay
  • Verdict admissible hearsay

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