Comprehensive corporate due diligence

“Legl gives me that little bit of peace of mind knowing I can trust it. If someone came in and said, ‘I want to look at your internal processes,’ I’d be absolutely comfortable knowing that Legl has my back and are keeping things safe. I absolutely trust the information that comes through.”
Natasha Boyland
Director and Head of Risk & Operations
Woodstock legal services
  • Adhere to SRA regulations and UK AML laws with integrated audit trails and real-time alerts.

  • Centralise and streamline your due diligence processes, connecting UBOs, directors, and shareholders into a singular, manageable, and constantly monitored entity, saving valuable time and resources.

  • Benefit from technology that proactively identifies gaps, and sends alerts whenever there are crucial changes, ensuring your firm is always prepared for regulatory oversight.


billable hours saved per firm per month by leveraging automation in Legl (for a 200+  staff law firm).

24 hour

ongoing monitoring for continued compliance with SRA Regulations.


access group structures, directors, shareholders, and credit information for businesses in over 160 countries.

Firm-wide oversights for MLROs

  • Complete audit trail of all client due diligence
  • Visibility of compliance gaps and high risk clients
  • Centralised view of client risk assessments

One platform tailored to your requirements

Our products are designed to work together so your unique requirements can be addressed all in one place.

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Legl KYB key features

  • Corporate structures and credit data

    Instant access to group structure, directors, shareholders, credit information and more for businesses in over 160 countries.

  • Ongoing monitoring

    Effortlessly control ongoing compliance with monitoring of company details, ownership structure, PEPs & sanctions and more.

  • Watchlist checks

    Instantly surface any PEPs, sanctions and adverse media against a corporate entity, its directors, shareholders and UBOs. Find out more here.

  • Financial reports

    Gain insight into your business clients with visibility of their entire financial history.

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