lauren watson

Meet the Legl Team: Lauren Watson, Director of GTM & Partnerships


Tell us about yourself!

I’m Lauren Watson, Director of GTM & Partnerships at Legl. Born in London, I grew up in Belgium, Scotland, and Switzerland before moving back to London to study Law at 18 years old (and I’ve been here ever since!). With a genuine passion for all things legal technology and helping law firms to be successful, I enjoy understanding the intersection of people, process and technology in the law industry. 

Above all … I love a good law-related meme! 

What’s your role at Legl? 

I’m coming up to my fifth-year anniversary with Legl, and my role has changed a huge amount in that time. My first role was creating our Legal Partnerships team, which I grew and scaled over the following years. I love being an evangelist for our product, especially  working closely with law firms and industry partners,  so I really enjoyed building that part of the business. More recently, I have taken on a new role as Director of GTM & Partnerships. In this role,  I continue to work closely with our customers and the wider legal market, enabling me to help our client-facing teams to communicate our mission and value. 

I’m especially lucky to have been involved in tons of exciting projects since I joined – from acquiring our first customers, to helping with the GTM for new features such as Custom Forms – every day is more exciting than the last, and I love the opportunity to work across the business with brilliant and ambitious colleagues. 

What made you join Legl? 

Julia Salasky, our Founder and CEO, is one of the most impressive people that I have ever met. I still remember how passionately she spoke about the vision and mission for the business – an enthusiasm and ambition that was, and still is, contagious. 

Because my career background was in the legal industry, I had a good idea of the challenges and opportunities for digital transformation. Ultimately, I felt very personally aligned to the mission, and was completely wowed by the kind and collaborative team. 

It was an absolute no brainer for me to join Legl! 

What have been the most enjoyable aspects of your life at Legl? 

The team here are all brilliant – ambitious, dedicated and passionate about what they do. We’ve got a really diverse range of perspectives and experiences, but our focus is always on how we can further our mission. I find that energy and enthusiasm really motivating. 

What advice would you give anyone looking to follow in your footsteps? 

Be curious – about everything including the product, the customers, and the sector. Surround yourself with hugely ambitious people who are always pushing you to do better. You’ll learn a lot, and grow personally and professionally.

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