Integrate Legl 
with your practice 
systems and software

Remove manual interaction across your firm’s billing and client due diligence processes


Our integrations seamlessly connect payments and CDD to your firm’s existing systems

Simple communication
Our integration enables your Legl tools to “talk to” your practice management systems simply and without hassle.
Secure and compliant
Securely transfer data and relevant supporting documentation directly to your practice systems and software.
Automatic updates and alerts
With each step your system automatically updates and your team receives an alert - no manual data entry required!

Our integrations


  • No reconcilliation headaches
  • Automatic updates and alerts
  • Remove manual processes
  • Reduce admin hours
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Client due diligence

Engage API
  • Securely transfer client files
  • Reduce human error
  • Speed up file opening times
  • Remove manual processes
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Simplify your processes

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