Onboard clients in minutes

Use market-leading technology to securely and compliantly automate compliance checks.

First impressions last

Your legal advice delivers great value. Don’t have it eroded by a complicated, time-consuming client onboarding process.

Clear and convenient

Enable clients to complete checks anytime, anywhere on their smartphone with a simple and straightforward onboarding journey.

Secure and compliant

Use market-leading identification technology using the highest rated ISO 27001 certified providers to safely and securely automate compliance checks.

Fast and streamlined

Results available in minutes. Click through to results via your Legl Dashboard for enhanced due diligence and record-keeping.

more than managing risk

Turn compliance into a business opportunity

Complying with regulatory obligations is a cost of doing business. Using technology to do this more efficiently and more effectively than your competitors is what will set you apart.

Find out how your firm can start onboarding clients in minutes