Client due diligence

Turn compliance into a business advantage

Meet regulatory requirements, reduce risk, and drive streamlined processes internally.

remote client onboarding digital client onboarding law firms

Trusted by 100+ UK law firms

An integrated CDD solution for the whole firm

Automate KYC for individuals, businesses and directors

Create workflows for different risk-profiles and practice areas

Enable multiple reviewers

Track and audit results with MLRO dashboard

Ongoing monitoring and alerts


Confidence in compliance decisions

Identify company structures

Trigger workflows to verify UBO and PSC identities

Establish business health

Ongoing monitoring and alerts

"Using Legl changes everything. For clients, it means they have a simple and hassle-free onboarding experience without having to travel to the office with their ID and documents, and for the firm it means we can get started on their matter quickly."
Streeter Marshall legal technology remote payments for law firms
Streeter and Marshall
‘‘Legl has streamlined our onboarding process immensely making it more efficient and allowing us to complete our due diligence checks in a much shorter space of time. A product such as Legl allows us to operate remotely now and in the future.’’
Clapham and Collinge remote onboarding testimonial legal technology
Clapham & Collinge

Turn compliance into a business advantage

Turn compliance into a business advantage through faster onboarding, better client experiences and understanding your client base better.

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