GloverPriest Solicitors partners with Legl to improve cash flow and the client experience

As one of the UK’s top 20 conveyancing firms, GloverPriest focusses relentlessly on the client experience – and Legl was brought in to help.

"Today, 75% to 85% of our clients complete the identity verification and onboarding steps within one day - a turnover that we have never seen before."
gloverpriest ian bury
Ian Bury
Sales & Marketing Manager

Ian Bury is Sales & Marketing Manager at GloverPriest, and is responsible for a number of initial touch points with clients.

Ian realised that collecting money on account was a key blocker not only to cashflow, but also to client experience: “With our old processes, we were facing the challenge of time delay. We were reliant on clients coming into our office with their ID or to make a payment which could take up to days – if not weeks. We needed to make the process much smoother to maintain an excellent client experience.”

Although originally he was looking for a smoother payment solution, Ian soon realised that Legl could help solve another gap in their onboarding processes: the firm needed to minimise the risk involved with clients having to come into the office to undertake CDD checks in person.

GloverPriest have a long-standing history of providing expert legal protection for their clients. With a personal, bespoke touch to everything they do, including offering both face-to-face appointments and remote communication to their clients, they fully understand that communication and transparency are essential in everything that they do.

Firm Focus
Conveyancing, Wills and Probate, Family Law, Litigation, Employment

Three reasons to work with Legl

“We had never really thought about the fact that clients having to come into the office could turn out to be a bottleneck for our business as a whole. Yet with today’s reality of the COVID-19 pandemic and being in lockdown, having to perform in-person ID checks [as part of our onboarding KYC] would have been impossible.” Ian noted that, “We started onboarding clients with Legl, enabling us to go through the process much more effectively. And even though it wasn’t something we had thought we needed at that point, once we gave it a try, we never looked back.”

When asked for the reason why GloverPriest opted for Legl, Ian brings up the intuitiveness and ease of the platform as differentiators that set Legl apart from others.

“We started our partnership on a trial basis, and we immediately found that the product delivered exactly what it promised. It’s so intuitive and straightforward that we can use it with any client and at all times – even older clients.”

After working with Legl a few  months, GloverPriest decided to remove all standard point of sale payment terminals from their offices. “We don’t have card machines anymore – all of our clients are able to make payments online or through the tablets that we have in the offices instead, which is saving us money too.”

The fact that Legl is able to deliver a more personalised relationship is also something that Ian feels has strengthened the partnership. “Rather than having an account manager that changes every other month, I appreciate the one-on-one relationship I have with Legl.”

On a final note, Ian wants to point out the invaluable collaboration that he’s had with Legl. “What’s been key for us is a real partnership as we think about how best to streamline our processes. As Legl continues to grow and develop the things that we need, we will adopt it and continue to develop and grow our firm that way as well.”

More Customer Stories

"People want to be able to do things online, which means we as a law firm need to invest in technology to deliver this. Technology like Legl's allows firms to operate remotely now and in the future."
Tom Hall
Chief Operating Officer
"By using Legl, we're making it easier for clients to instruct and pay us. Not only is it a great experience for clients, but getting more clients through the door faster is good for business."
robet peck streeter marshall
Robert Peck
Practice Manager
"One of the best parts about Legl is that for every client payment there are full receipts. I know, in real-time, when a client has paid and I'm easily able to track payments. This makes my job of keeping operations running smoothly that much easier."
karen marsh rg law legl
Karen Marsh

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