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How are law firms using Legl’s technology to improve operations, take on clients remotely and modernise? Take a look at these case studies to find out.

Law firms love legl technology
‘"I just wouldn’t be able to cope if we didn’t have Legl’s online payments tool. Before, I wasted hours calling, chasing and following up with client payments.”
RG Law conveyancing payments online payments for law firms
RG Law

Burnett & Reid, a full-services law firm based in Aberdeen, Scotland, was looking for a technology solution to improve productivity and internal processes. We spoke with Helen Strachan, Practice Manager, to find out how Legl helped improve client payment processes and build efficiency with client onboarding and ID verification.


One of the UK’s top 20 conveyancing firms, GloverPriest, focuses relentlessly on customer experience. Legl has enabled the firm to improve cashflow, increase compliant payments and improve the client experience.

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"Using Legl for onboarding our clients has been an absolute joy. It’s speeded up the whole process and made it so much simpler to use not only from the point of view of the onboarding team, but for the fee earners as well as the clients. I can’t recommend [Legl] highly enough."
ignition law legl
Ignition Law
"I love simplicity, and I’ve seen the team reduce their stress levels because they’re not having to chase clients constantly. Everything has been so simple - the change and implementation was so smooth and so slick."
woodstock legal services
Woodstock Legal Services

Harold Benjamin Solicitors was impressed by the disruptive simplicity of Legl when they got to experience it first-hand. We speak with Jamie Abrahams, Operations Director at Harold Benjamin Solicitors, on how he has successfully created efficiency in processes through the adoption of Legl’s solution.

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Looking to modernise their firm’s website, DJM Solicitors knew they wanted to enable clients to pay invoices online, but they needed a solution to meet their needs as a law firm.

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‘‘Legl has streamlined our onboarding process immensely, making it more efficient and allowing us to complete our due diligence checks in a much shorter space of time. A product such as Legl allows us to operate remotely now and in the future.’’
Clapham and Collinge remote onboarding testimonial legal technology
Clapham & Collinge
"Using Legl changes everything. For clients, it means they have a simple and hassle-free onboarding experience without having to travel to the office with their ID and documents, and for the firm it means we can get started on their matter quickly."
Streeter Marshall legal technology remote payments for law firms
Streeter Marshall
Following the COVID-19 pandemic, law firms have been quick to adapt to operating remotely. Brachers, a law firm advising clients in person for over 125 years, achieved remote operations in just 24 hours.

RG Law specialises in conveyancing, wills and probate. Find out how they use Legl’s online payments tool to keep operations running smoothly with reduced staff numbers.

"Legl's solution gives our clients confidence in the payment process. The entire user experience is designed to set clients at ease - from the client-facing flow to customised firm branding."
DJM solicitors barry davies digital payments online payments for law firms
DJM Solicitors
‘‘With Legl and the flexibility that they offer, there was literally nothing to lose. I can’t stress how important this is in this marketplace – I have been chasing the holy grail of data providers for 10 years now, and I have never come across the service and flexibility that Legl offers.”
harold benjamin solicitors
Harold Benjamin Solicitors
Streeter Marshall, a full-service firm, has been serving clients for over 200 years, both locally and throughout the UK. With a reputation for being approachable and practical, they decided to adopt Legl’s technology to make life easier for their clients. Robert Peck, Head of IT, explains why.

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