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How are law firms using Legl’s technology to improve operations, take on clients remotely and modernise?

Law firms love legl technology
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Glover Priest Solicitors

One of the UK’s top 20 conveyancing firms Glover Priest, focuses relentlessly on customer experience. We speak with Ian Bury, Sales & Marketing Manager at Glover Priest on how Legl has enabled the firm to improve cashflow, increase compliant payments and improve the client experience. “Today, 75% to 85% of our clients complete the identity verification and onboarding steps within 1 day – a turnover that we have never seen before.”
Ian Bury, Sales & Marketing Manager at Glover Priest

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Harold Benjamin  Solicitors

Harold Benjamin Solicitors was impressed by the disruptive simplicity of Legl when they got to experience it first-hand.

We speak with Jamie Abrahams, Operations Director at Harold Benjamin Solicitors on how he has successfully created efficiency in processes through the adoption of Legl’s solution.

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DJM Solicitors

DJM Solicitors knew they wanted to enable clients to pay invoices online, but they needed a solution to meeting their needs as a law firm. We speak with Barry Davies, Director, to learn about the impact Pay by Legl has had on business.

“With Legl’s online payment solution, we reduced our debtor days and improved our working capital cycle. It’s had a hugely positive impact on our firm.”

Barry Davies, Director, DJM Solicitors
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Following the Covid-19 pandemic law firms are quickly adapting to operating remotely. Find out how Brachers, a law firm advising clients for over 125 years, did this in 24 hours.

“People want to be able to do things online, which means we as a law firm need to invest in technology to deliver this. Technology, like Legl’s, allows firms to operate remotely now and in the future.”

Tom Hall, Chief Operating Officer, Brachers

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Streeter Marshall

Find out why Streeter Marshall, a full-service firm with a reputation for being approachable and practical, decided to use our technology to improve their clients’ onboarding experience.

“By using Legl we’re making it easier for clients to instruct and pay us. Not only is it a great experience for clients, but getting more clients through the door faster is good for business.”

Robert Peck Practice Manager, Streeter Marshall
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RG Law

RG Law specialises in conveyancing, wills and probate. Find out how they use Legl’s online payments tool to keep operations running smoothly with reduced staff numbers.

I just wouldn’t be able to cope if we didn’t have Legl’s online payments tool. Before, I wasted hours calling, chasing and following up with client payments.”

Karen Marsh, Director, RG Law


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