Access Legl partners with Legl

Access Legal and Legl Partner to Streamline Payments for Law Firms


We’re pleased to announce a new integration partnership with Access Legal, a division of Access Group. The partnership will connect Legl’s payment solutions with Access Legal’s case and practice management systems, allowing firms to boost collection rates and provide a unified experience for their customers.

The integration comes at a time when more firms are searching for streamlined payment methods to overcome cash flow challenges. According to research, 59 percent of lawyers report regularly dealing with late payments, while only 86 percent of what is billed is actually being paid. The combined result continues to put pressure on both cash flow and profitability for law firms across the UK.

The partnership between Legl and Access Legal ensures that the entire end-to-end payment process is written back to the law firm’s case management system, so all records are up-to-date and compliant.

Speaking on the new integration with Legl, Access Legal’s Head of Product, Lauren Colbeck, says the law technology specialist understands just how important payment solutions are for law firms today. “From conversations with our customers we know that payment solutions are at the top of their wish list to help with faster and more reliable payments. Ultimately, if firms aren’t getting paid on time or at all for the services they provide, then it has a huge impact on cash flow and profitability.

Lauren continues, “This is essentially a big part of why we have partnered with Legl – it’s a key solution to support a law firm’s operations. We also know that our customers want choice; they want to be able to use third-party systems outside of our own software.

On the other side, Legl makes paying easier for clients too. The modern client expects a technology-first experience when it comes to legal services, and being able to quickly access invoices online or on a smart device is crucial to encouraging faster and more reliable payments.”

Legl’s VP of Engineering, Matt Jared, added, “Inconvenient payment methods and inefficient billing processes mean law firms have less control over their incoming funds. Digital payment methods, beautifully integrated with case and practice management systems, allow law firms to get paid faster, receive payments securely and reduce administrative time.”

Are you using Proclaim, DPS Spitfire or DPS One Office?

The integration with Legl allows you to:

  • Get paid faster through secure payment links
  • Track, receive and reconcile payments in a few clicks
  • Better understand your firm’s cash flow
  • Give your clients a better, modern experience

Marcus Dacombe, Head of Product Marketing, Access Legal, and Lauren Watson, VP of Legal Partnerships, Legl, joined forces for an engaging discussion on how this new integrated payment feature can streamline your collections and provide a technology-first experience that clients expect more and more in this new digital age.

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