ongoing monitoring legl

Ongoing monitoring for law firms

Monitor changes to your client’s AML status for the duration of your business relationship, and stay fully compliant with regulatory requirements.

Give your firm peace of mind

Using Legl to automate the ongoing monitoring of your clients against PEPs, Sanctions
and Adverse Media lists, you can ensure more efficient and effective AML compliance

Get real-time alerts to any changes on a client record

Automate risk monitoring with PEPs, sanctions and adverse media across hundreds of sources, and stay fully compliant with regulatory requirements.

Manage watchlist updates centrally and stay in control

Get notified of any changes and manage updates through your dashboard, maintaining full visibility over your clients' AML status.

Maintain a single source of truth for your client data

Work with the most up-to-date AML reports and get insight into your firm’s risk profile, giving you a complete picture of your clients over time.

Better manage risk across your business

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