Kayleigh Smale

AML, Compliance & Anti-Fraud Specialist
Dark Money Files

Ray Blake


Legl has teamed up with Ray Blake, from the Dark Money Files, for a chat with Legl’s resident AML expert,  Kayleigh Smale, for an in-depth look at how to consistently identify 'bad actors' when conducting corporate client due diligence.

Join to learn about:

  • How to unravel complex corporate structures 
  • How to find UBOs
  • Corporate CDD ‘red flags’ and strategies to effectively spot them 
  • How to make your data work harder 
  • How to think like a criminal (and why this will help your firm) 

Alongside a review of recent developments — from Companies House abuses, to invoice fraud — we’ll arm you with an overview of tactics and tips to approach this complex area of legal practice confidently, and consistently.