Jane Pritchard

Chief Product Officer

It might be a truism to say that customer feedback is an essential component of innovative product design, but it’s a truism that Legl is always happy to repeat! We take feedback seriously — so much so in fact, that we’ve designed a biannual event around it. If you haven’t heard about our Product Innovation Group (codename ‘PIG’) then don’t worry, we’ll give you the inside scoop on what it’s about, why it exists, when it happens, and how you can get involved. 

What is PIG? 

The PIG is an integral part of our company's commitment to continuous improvement. We are a collaborative community of product users and builders who enhance our strategic vision through collective learning. Held biannually every Summer and Autumn, PIG is the event for customer feedback, networking, and knowledge sharing. A chance to meet, and workshop solutions side by side with the engineering and product teams behind our innovations, get a first-hand look at new features and, design new technology solutions feeding into the development of our roadmap.

The essence of PIG

If that wasn’t enough, we also invite industry-leading experts for panel discussions and workshops, give away desirable PIG merch (umbrella anyone?), and encourage some healthy competition with, often, adorable prizes.

Six little PIGs

So, what happened at this year’s PIG? 

Contrary to the popular expression ‘what happens at PIG, stays at PIG’ we thought we’d give you a little flavour of everything we discussed (and unveiled) at this year’s standing-room-only event:

1. Legl Assist – the new AI-enhanced paradigm in legal compliance

Our AI-enhanced Legl Assist feature got its ‘hard launch’ at the event. If you haven’t seen the press, this is our latest tool capable of searching through thousands of data sources for compliance flags and providing users with guidance and proposed next steps whenever a ‘consider flag’ is raised in a CDD report. 

Alongside insight about how we built the tool, agreed the use-cases, tested and iterated the tool, we also showcased our AI governance framework (we’re very proud of this) and previewed the AI-enhancements to come. This may all sound abstract, but the results already speak for themselves (I mean, when you get a positive nod from Mike Freer, Under-Secretary of State at the Ministry of Justice, you can be pretty confident you’re heading in the right direction). 

2. KYB — there’s a better way! 

Whenever we hear about other KYB solutions in the market, we notice an unhealthy tendency to focus on only one aspect of the workflow (business verification or individual sanctions for instance). Not at Legl (or at PIG) — we talk about everything

We showcased the beauty of our automations that unite business verification with business sanctions with individual sanctions, and individual CDD alongside continuous monitoring that updates our customers with any changes to risk for SRA compliant due diligence. 

Everything you need in one tool — entity-level visibility, firm-wide oversights for MLROs, and automation of business checks. Infinite cosmic power, itty bitty living space.

Features to get excited about

3. A compliance workshop with Teal Compliance 

As part of our masterclass with the incredible Kayleigh Smale from Teal Compliance, we asked the hard hitting questions: 

  • What action do firms need to take with the Oct 23 SRA AML report?
  • If the right policy is in place how can firms ensure compliance?
  • Is AI an answer for ‘risk policing’?
  • What is the role of software automation in complying with SAR (Solicitors’ Accounts rules)? 
  • Ongoing monitoring - what does good look like?
  • Is there a need for bespoke practice risk policies and if so when?
  • Is this about a greenfield moment for risk - doing what we need to do going forward and less about correcting the past?
  • Are firms interpreting the regulations differently - slowing their compliance down?
  • What’s the minimum compliance requirement every firm should be aspiring to? 

We could go on…and we probably could have gone on all day, but we drew the line at 45 minutes. 

If you’d like to know the answers to any of the questions, then reach out to your customer success manager: not a customer? Reach out and get talking to one of our experts.

4. Building the solutions of tomorrow, today 

As part of our greenfield mini-workshop, we asked everyone to work together on their tables to create the compliance solutions of tomorrow — the features, tools, and services that could meaningfully impact legal practice. Think, AI-powered analyst and audit-readiness tools, wider data sources, escalation workflows, and dynamic, continuous updates. 

Needless to say, the competition for the best idea was fierce and we’ve already started work on a few (stay tuned on that front). 

Although we bill this part of the PIG as ‘blue-sky’ thinking, this is our customer’s chance to have their say, challenge our assumptions, and put their stamp on the future of LawTech. It’s fast-paced, discursive, informative, and brought to life by engineers and product managers capable of translating concepts into reality. 

5. Fun…no, really!

That word can trigger a collective fear response — I often hear it and immediately think of Abigail’s Party, all vol-au-vents, Galliano, and awkward talk about the weather — but we mean it when we say it. PIG is more than a collaborative space for legal tech talk, networking, and product feedback. It’s a space for fun, engaging, and creative conversations without hang-ups or preconceptions. People come from all over the UK, from all types of firms because we excel at encouraging creativity that leads to meaningful results. 

We’d show you exactly how fun it is (...there may be photos), but we think that might be throwing the PIG out with the bathwater, so come along to our Summer event in 2024 and experience the Legl style brand of fun first-hand. Stay close to your customer success manager for details of the next PIG.

A final thank you! 

To everyone that came, thank you! PIG’s success wouldn’t be possible without you and we can’t wait to see you again. 

Finally (I promise), a special mention for my favourite quote from the day (there were a lot of contenders): 

I’m sure Pablo Escobar was a lovely man, but what about his business activities?’ 

Stay in touch

If you'd like to register your interest in coming to the 2024 Summer PIG, please get in touch with us at [email protected] — we'd love to hear from you! Or stay close to your Customer Success Manager for the dates and details.

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