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Optimising Law Firm Operations with Key Software Integrations


The widespread disruption of the Covid-19 pandemic forced law firms to quickly adopt technology solutions to facilitate remote working. However, only 28% of law firms were well prepared for the use of legal technology at that time. 

Due to the urgency of investing in tools to support new ways of working, many firms now find themselves burdened with multiple disjointed systems for business processes, payments, case management, and compliance – all working in silos. 

These “point solutions” were adopted by many just to solve the problem of business continuity during the pandemic, but the most tech-forward firms started planning for the longer term – aiming to automate many of their expensive and time consuming processes with integrated systems that talk to each other.  

Is your firm getting the maximum value from its tech stack?

Now is the time to connect the dots

Integrated software solutions allow data to flow freely across different systems, giving your staff and clients the tools and information they need in real time.

Leveraging integrations can be the lynchpin to process transformation at your firm – driving efficiency by unlocking new functionality in your tech stack and streamlining ways of working without the need to manage complex IT projects or purchase expensive new software.  

How your firm can use Legl to integrate your tech stack

Legl quickly and easily streamlines firms’ time consuming back office processes like payments, onboarding, and risk & compliance – all whilst delivering a delightful digital client experience.  With a suite of out of the box integrations, firms can combine the power of Legl with your Case and Practice Management systems to even greater effect. Get paid faster through automated reconciliation, reduced file-opening times with seamless client-facing workflows, establish consistent and compliant onboarding processes – all this and more is possible. Below we’ve set out some key examples of how your firm could use integrations.

Reduce admin overheads in compliance processes with Legl’s integration into Advanced P4W

How it works: Create a single source of truth and sync AML and CDD reports directly from Legl into P4W – reducing the need to manually download and upload documents and input customer information between the two systems using multiple tools. 

How your firm benefits: This native integration speeds up file opening times, eliminates double entry, and provides a single transparent source for all of your client risk data.

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Reduce debtor days with Legl’s payments integration into Access Legal Proclaim

How it works: Create firm-branded client payment request links directly from Legl into Proclaim, making it easier and quicker for clients to pay and ultimately reduce debtor days. How your firm benefits: Flexible, workflow-driven payments enable your firm to better manage cash flow and mitigate risk. This seamless native integration delivers back-office benefits to centrally manage payments, streamline finance processes across systems, and trigger notifications when payment has been made. 

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Improve cash flow and reduce debtor days via automatic Pay Requests with Legl’s integration into Quill 

How it works: Collect payment into your client or business account through firm-branded payment links, and easily reconcile them against the matter reference. One-click access between Quill and Legl eliminates toggling between two systems. 

How your firm benefits: This native integration enables complete visibility over firm payments for simple reconciliation, and delivers a secure and convenient way for clients to pay – meaning your firm gets paid faster. 

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Access Legal’s Head of Product, Lauren Colbeck, calls Legl’s integrations, “a key solution to support law firms’ operations. We know that our customers want choice; they want to be able to use third-party systems outside of our own software.”

Choosing the right tech partner

The first step towards integrating your systems is to identify your firm’s needs and how technology might best address them. Our team is always available to talk through any questions you may have around integrations or how your firm could use legal tech to drive efficiency.  

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