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New in Legl: Custom Forms


Custom Forms, Legl’s newest feature, enables your firm to capture information from clients throughout their lifecycle with your firm. Forms are simple and easy to build, and clients can provide information in a couple of minutes.  

Gathering information from the client is typically a process that involves a lot of back and forth on email, and sometimes by post. Processes become disjointed, and transaction speeds are slow due to the friction-heavy nature of the collection of information. 

With lots of different requirements to gather information at different points in the client lifecycle, firms needed a simple, quick way to interact with clients, and to digitise these processes. 

Legl’s customisable forms is the solution to streamlining information capture across different stages in the client lifecycle, and different client and matter types. It’s flexible, simple and bespoke for the requirements of your law firm, creating a professional and seamless experience for your staff and clients alike. 

Transform the way that you capture key information from clients. 

How do Custom Forms work?

In minutes, you can build a professional, firm-branded way to capture information from clients. Legl’s customisable forms link seamlessly with other client requirements, like collecting documents or carrying out Source of Funds checks, all in simple client-facing workflows. 

With no technical resource required, you can create a form to capture any type of information from the client, whether part of a new client questionnaire, to collect information for AML purposes, or even to send your client a feedback survey. 

This enables you to create a comprehensive digital approach across all client types and practice areas at your law firm.

Accelerate transaction times

Automating the gathering of key information significantly accelerates transaction times whilst providing clients with an easy way to share information digitally with your firm. 

For instance, lengthy information gathering processes surrounding Source of Wealth wastes billable hours and often requires explanations to clients about why the information must be supplied. More delays and friction in the process hinders progress on the substantive work. 

With clients taking on average 19 hours to complete a digital process, firms have seen dramatic improvements in their time to collect information and to progress the billable work. 

Key takeaways   

Legl’s modular, flexible approach to process digitisation enables you to streamline processes across your law firm. With the addition of customisable forms, information gathering just got even easier for your staff. 

In summary, your law firm can use Legl’s platform to easily:

  • Accelerate information capture at any stage in the process.
  • Create quick, delightful digital experiences for your clients. 
  • Review and collect information in one place. 

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