bogdana avadanei

Meet the Legl Team: Bogdana-Elena Avadanei, Software Engineer


In this instalment of the Meet the Legl Team series, we chatted with Bogdana-Elena Avadanei, who has been at Legl for over a year and works on the Engineering team as a Software Engineer.

Tell us a bit about yourself!

I am originally from Romania, and in high school I really enjoyed learning about computers and algorithms from a passionate teacher I had. I then studied Computer Science at University of York which put me on the path of software engineering. I like to share my interest and knowledge in the field, so I’ve always tried to get involved in helping others learn more about programming. I’ve been volunteering at coding events for kids and students, and I am also an instructor for Code First Girls, teaching some of their 8-week courses.

Why did you choose to join Legl?

I was looking to learn more and do something different, when I found out about the position at Legl. As a small company, it was a great opportunity to have an impact and great visibility over the big picture, and learn more about how software engineering decisions can affect the business. I wanted to work on a product that improves peoples’ daily lives, and I was impressed with what Legl and CrowdJustice do.

Another major contributing factor was the people. Everyone I spoke to in the interviews was so excited to tell me more about Legl and its mission.

What does a typical day look like for you?

I always start my day with a coffee. Then I read my emails and messages and make a to-do list for the day (I like to stay organised to make sure I get to do all the million things that go through my head). Then I join a morning check-in meeting, to have a quick chat to everyone before the day starts, and have a 15-minute stand-up with my team to go through the work that has been done the day before, any blockers or what will happen on the day. This has been great, especially working remotely, as it makes me feel like I am in touch with the team and up to date with the progress on the current projects. After that I usually deep dive into a ticket I am working on, with the occasional calls or meetings related to the current ongoing projects.

At lunchtime I try to go out, walking, cycling, getting a second cup of coffee, or just dealing with all the house chores, and then I come back to work on my tickets. If I get stuck or would like a second pair of eyes I ask someone to do some pair programming with me.

As engineers, we do review each other’s work, so I also try to put in a slot in my calendar every day to remind myself to have a look at pull requests. We release often and this is making it easier to collaborate, especially on more complex tasks.

What’s the most interesting project you’ve had at Legl?

When I started, Legl was offering two separate products to law firms: Pay and Engage. The Contacts project was just being planned and it was unifying the two. It had a big business impact and I have learned so much about the system’s architecture while working on it.

What’s your favourite part of the job?

Solving problems! Even if it might be frustrating in the beginning, when I fix something (code or not code related), it gives me a very satisfying feeling.

What’s it really like to work at Legl?

Everyone is so friendly, easy to talk to and ready to jump on a call to help, so the atmosphere is great! I also found that this makes it really easy to work remotely. When I started, during onboarding week, I had the chance not only to find out how all teams work (including design, product, sales, customer success), but also to meet everyone through 30 minute coffee chats. We had a few meet-ups face to face and days in the office, but if we don’t get a chance to do that we make sure to organise regular “fun times”, a meeting where we have a casual chat and play games online (CodeNames and Skribbl are my favourites).

Another thing I personally appreciate is that employees are encouraged to learn and develop the skills they’re interested in, through a learning and development (L&D) budget. I picked up a security course for developers, as I was always fascinated by this area.

What changes have you seen since starting to work at Legl?

The team has grown so much and everyone is so open to trying new processes and improving what we do and how we do it. It made for a very adaptable and collaborative team.

How have you grown personally and professionally since joining Legl?

As my job is fully remote, I have learned how to manage my time to make sure I spend the hours when I am most focused in a productive way, but also to give me time for hobbies and other social activities. Professionally, I have learned how to set specific goals in order to move forward in a project or my career.

What advice would you give someone who wants to become a software engineer?

Practice makes it perfect! As technology evolves so quickly there’s always new languages and frameworks to learn about. As long as you like solving problems and keep learning, syntax is easy to pick up.

What do you like to do outside of work?

I like to paint with acrylics and cycle, the latter more when it’s sunny, but I usually don’t let a little bit of rain stop me.


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