Award-winning alternative funding options for your clients.

A powerful tool for your clients and your firm

CrowdJustice has been used by hundreds of firms' clients to raise over £10 million.

Access new clients

Expand your client base and generate more revenue by offering alternative funding options. Funding for everything from initial advice to appeals.

Compliant funding

Fulfil regulatory obligations with AML protections. Clients can raise funds publicly on CrowdJustice or privately via an invite-only funding tool.

Tailored advice from experts

Give your clients the best service with tailored crowdfunding advice from CrowdJustice's Campaigns team.

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Award-winning legal technology

What lawyers are saying

"CrowdJustice enables our clients to seek funds and support. It is a great platform for bringing people together and enabling them to take cases to court that may not otherwise be possible."
"CrowdJustice has helped our clients access professional advice as they navigate the complex compulsory purchase system."
"My favourite part of a case is when you see it all start to light up. It's funding which makes that possible. It's been great working with CrowdJustice who have been hugely supportive throughout."

How CrowdJustice Works

We support your clients meaning no extra work is needed from the legal team.

Invite your client to find out more

We’ll handle everything, helping them to create their page and raise funds.

We handle all necessary compliance checks

Once your client hits their target, funds are transferred to your client account with transfer receipts making it easy for your accounts team.

Track your client’s progress and get paid

Get notified when your client hits key funding targets. Raising funds typically takes a few days.

Find out how your firm can provide alternative funding options to clients

Frequently Asked Questions

It costs your firm nothing and it is free for your clients to set-up and launch a CrowdJustice fundraising page.

If your client reaches their initial fundraising target, CrowdJustice charges an administrative fee of 3% of funds raised, plus a third-party payment processing charge. Funds are transferred net – usually about 94% of funds raised. 

Your firm gets unlimited access to the CrowdJustice platform – both for your fee earners, who can use the dashboard giving real-time revenue information and analytics, as well as tools and resources, and for your clients, to whom we offer support and tools. This includes:

  • Unlimited use of the CrowdJustice platform – as many fee-earners as you want can use CrowdJustice to invite clients to raise funds. 
  • Dashboard, analytics and accounts for all fee-earners, management and support staff making the process of inviting clients to raise funds, and tracking the firm’s progress, simple. 
  • Compliance on funds raised. CrowdJustice implements AML and other compliance procedures which match or exceed those operated by the law firms we partner with. CrowdJustice is the only crowdfunding platform to do AML checks on all donors, KYC checks on the person raising the funds and to verify a regulated lawyer has been instructed. 
  • Access to public and invite-only funding tools to support a range of clients and matters.
  • Customer support on donations, chargebacks and questions on cases / donations.
  • Workshops and support for your fee-earners. Our team is on hand to train your team  and give them the support they need to make effective use of this alternative funding option.
  • Marketing emails to our GDPR compliant, proprietary list of donors to help your clients raise additional funds. 
  • Firms can promote their partnership, social responsibility and tech-forward approach by including a CrowdJustice Verified Partner trustmark on their website.

We have dedicated Customer Support and Campaigns teams who support your clients in raising funds for their legal costs. These services include:


  • Support for your clients on how to raise funds. 
  • Advice on promoting the campaign and engagement strategies.
  • Dedicated support for vulnerable and disenfranchised clients. 


In addition, we have a GDPR compliant mailing list of over 100,000 donors who have opted in to hear about how they can give more which we will use to support your clients in raising additional donations.

Yes. Upon becoming a CrowdJustice Partner our Campaigns Team will send you an implementation pack, with marketing materials  for use on your website. Firms can promote their partnership, social responsibility and tech-forward approach by including a CrowdJustice Verified Partner trustmark on their website. We’re happy to issue a joint statement to support any of your firm’s marketing or business development initiatives. 

The average time for a client to raise funds once a fundraising page goes live on the platform is 7 days. Funds are transferred directly to your firm’s client account on a weekly basis, with detailed, downloadable transfer receipts. All funds transferred are subject to CrowdJustice’s robust compliance checks. 

4 out of 5 cases on CrowdJustice meet their initial fundraising target. 

A) Clients use CrowdJustice to pay privately  


  • Clients use CrowdJustice to pay for initial advice and instruction. The “all or nothing” first target enables the lawyer to set a target amount of funds needed before they will be able to take on a new matter. 
  • Clients can use CrowdJustice to supplement or “top up” what they are paying privately and raise funds at all stages of the legal proceedings.
  • Nothing about CrowdJustice affects the lawyer’s relationship with their client, including the basis on which they are acting – whether on an hourly rate, fixed fee or CFA.


B) Using CrowdJustice in conjunction with a Conditional Fee Agreement


  • Clients raise funds alongside a CFA to reduce the risk the firm bears in waiting for the client to be awarded damages. In other words, the firm gets paid some amount up front and acts on a discounted CFA rather than a pure CFA, enabling the firm to manage its risk. 
  • Clients raise funds to pay for disbursements or counsel where solicitors are acting on a CFA. 
  • Client raises “seed funding” to pay for initial investigatory work needed to enable either the firm to act on a CFA or to secure third party litigation funding. 


C) Enabling cases to proceed which face other funding blockers 


  • Disbursements: Clients use CrowdJustice to pay for disbursements like court fees, expert fees and counsel’s costs.
  • Adverse costs: Clients use CrowdJustice to help cover some of the risk of adverse costs exposure by raising funds for:
    • A costs capping order in a judicial review;
    • An ATE premium;
    • A fighting fund to cover some of the potential estimated adverse costs exposure.

By becoming a CrowdJustice Partner your firm gets exclusive access and rates to Legl’s digital tools which are helping law firms grow and succeed in a digital-first world – from better payment options to digital client onboarding. If you would like to find out more about Legl’s other products just ask your CrowdJustice contact or email [email protected]