Client-facing workflows in a flash

Create and manage bespoke, firm-branded onboarding experiences for your practice areas with Workflow Builder.

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Engage's Workflow Builder tool enables users to

Get the right information from the right people, at the right time, in the right place

It’s easy to quickly build workflows around new or existing processes, so that everything is centralised and consistent across your firm.

Visualise and simplify complex customer journeys

With an intuitive interface, it’s easy to visualise your customer’s experience. Combine one or more workflow steps to create simple or complex workflows and ensure every use case is covered.

Automate onboarding from end-to-end
Create workflows for your team to send into action. With workflows running in the background, you can re-focus on what matters most.

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Operate remotely with a
seamless onboarding experience

Service clients anywhere
No need to collect physical documents. From customer due diligence to document sharing, work better, remotely.
Easy to use
No app required. A simple and convenient process clients can complete anywhere, on any device.
Visualise and simplify your customer's journey
Allow users from any department to automate time-consuming manual functions by creating custom workflows.
Effectively meet regulatory requirements
Automate CDD and source of funds checks. Customisable workflows for different practice areas with MLRO oversight.
Reduce hours of admin
Free up time while giving clients a streamlined, top-class experience. No more chasing clients and everything you need all in one place.

What sets Legl apart?

Legal-industry specific
We only work with law firms. Our tools are designed to meet your regulatory needs and to create a compliance culture within your firm.

Trusted by law firms 
Legl is the award-winning platform used by top-100 UK law firms to engage with thousands of clients and process millions in payments. Legl is a LawNet Preferred Supplier.

Easy-to-use technology
Our tools are designed to be implemented within 24 hours and without any coding. All of our tools work together seamlessly, or you can choose to use them individually.

Pricing that scales with your firm

No hidden fees, complex proposals, contract lock-in or lengthy set-up times. It’s easy and hassle-free for your firm to get started.

Experts in client-facing technology
Clients expect an easy, safe, straightforward digital experience from their law firm. Our team are experts with backgrounds in legal services, payments, technology and more - and we've worked with hundreds of UK law firms and thousands of their clients to create great experiences.

Turn compliance into a business opportunity

Using technology, you can incorporate compliance into a great client onboarding experience, helping you to stand out from competitors, while more effectively running your practice.

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