Covid-19 and the cases raising funds on CrowdJustice


Covid-19 has transformed all of our lives in a matter of weeks. 

CrowdJustice was started in 2015 to help make it easier for people to use the legal system. Since then, we’ve worked with hundreds of law firms and enabled thousands of people to raise millions of pounds to bring legal action. Some of those have been Supreme Court cases. Others have been individuals who needed a lawyer to write a letter on their behalf. Many would not have moved forward without the support of other people via CrowdJustice. 

The current health crisis and the ensuing economic crisis which is likely to follow means CrowdJustice is more important than ever. 

Since the onset of the Covid-19 crisis CrowdJustice continues to offer a transformative funding option for individuals and a powerful tool for law firms to offer their clients. 

Here is a summary of three  Covid-19 related legal actions that have raised funds on CrowdJustice over the last few weeks. 

Sick pay and wage protection for Precarious Workers 

The Independent Workers Union of Great Britain (IWGB) is taking action against the government over what they perceive as a failure to protect the wages and jobs of millions of insecure workers. They argue that the current £94.25 per week Statutory Sick Pay (SSP) arrangement discriminates against women, BAME workers and “gig economy” workers for whom these payments are not enough to survive or in some cases not even available at all. IWGB are represented by a team from Old Square Chambers, they have raised over £22,000 and their case continues despite shifts in government policy on support provided to the self employed. 

Increasing the Carers allowance

Rachel Adam-Smith, a full time carer to her severely disabled daughter, launched a legal challenge against the government’s decision not to increase the Carer’s Allowance in response to the Covid-19 crisis. She argues the carers allowance should be increased and explains on her case page: “I want the vital work of carers to be recognised by the Government in their Covid-19 response.” She is represented by Bindmans LLP, the case has raised £6,500 and they are currently awaiting a response from the Pre Action Letter to the government.   

What are the Government hiding about their response to Covid-19?

Dr Moosa Quereshi is a frontline NHS doctor and has launched a challenge to the government’s failure to disclose the report from the Cygnus Exercise – a pandemic planning exercise carried out in 2016. The legal challenge will enable the team behind the case to “hold the Government accountable for their pandemic preparations and management.” In just a matter of days, the case has been covered across national media and has raised close to £30,000. 

What next?

We’re only just at the very beginning of understanding some of the legal consequences resulting from the Covid-19 pandemic, whether that’s relating to holding the Government to account or simply being able to get legal advice on more personal matters. 

If you or your clients could benefit from additional funding on any matters, Covid related or otherwise, our dedicated support team are here to help get your case launched and provide the tools and resources required to raise the required funds. 
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