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Turning compliance into a competitive advantage

Former Executive Director of the SRA, Crispin Passmore, speaks to us about about how electronic CDD is more than a lockdown bandaid - it's a business opportunity.


A simple and modern onboarding experience for clients

Clients increasingly expect the same seamless online experience they get elsewhere. Our digital tools help law firms grow and succeed by delivering this great client experience, while running their practices more efficiently. One of our tools is Engage, a workflow … Read More

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Diversity and inclusion in a post Covid-19 world

Today Legal Cheek hosted their Conference on the Future of Legal Education where our CEO, Julia Salasky, joined an expert panel to discuss diversity and inclusion, what we’re doing at Legl and what this means in a post Covid-19 world. … Read More

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How Brachers moved to operating remotely overnight

The challenge facing law firms following the Covid-19 pandemic is how to quickly adapt to operating remotely. Find out how Brachers made this change in 24 hours in our Case Study. We speak with Tom Hall, Brachers’ Chief Operating Officer, … Read More

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Find out how other firms are using Legl's technology to improve their practices

India Dearlove Q&A

What’s it like being a software engineer in legal technology and what more can the tech industry do to close the gender gap? We speak with India Dearlove, Software Engineer at Legl to get the inside track. 1. What’s your … Read More

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Legl Leader in Tech Interview – Richard Susskind

How can technology transform the legal services market to improve accessibility and what needs to happen to make this a reality? We speak to Richard Susskind OBE, author of ten books about the future of legal and professional services. His … Read More

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Client Payment Request links

Legl has released a new feature which makes it even easier for clients to pay their invoice – giving them a great experience while helping legal service providers get paid faster. Pay by Legl provides firms with a firm-branded online “checkout” … Read More

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Digital Wallets have come to legal

We live in a time where convenience and flexibility are the driving forces behind most consumer choices. Which is why there has been such a rise in the use of digital wallets. And now, this latest in payments technology has … Read More

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Legal Futures Innovation Conference Legl

Five takeaways from the Legal Futures Innovation Conference

This year’s Legal Futures Innovation Conference brought together hundreds of lawyers, technologists and industry experts innovating legal services. In case you missed the event, here are my five key takeaways. 1. Business professionals running law firms is the future “Lawyers … Read More

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Mark Cohen

Legl Leader in Tech Interview – Mark A. Cohen

How can legal technology make legal services more relevant to consumers and what’s holding the legal sector back? We speak to Mark A. Cohen, CEO and Founder of Legal Mosaic, global thought leader on legal technology and regular contributor to … Read More

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