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May 31, 2023

Legl and Actionstep Announce Strategic Integration Partnership 

With Legl and Actionstep, firms can streamline client onboarding processes, significantly improving firm compliance and client experience.

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custom forms legl

Streamline Client Information Capture with Custom Forms

Legl's Custom Forms streamline how firms collect client information and accelerate matter opening times.

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tracey longbottom legl

Meet the Legl Team: Tracey Longbottom, Senior Account Executive

Tracey Longbottom is Senior Account Executive at Legl, helping law firms automate business processes across payments, onboarding and compliance.

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sikander hauser legl

Meet the Legl Team: Sikander Hauser, Head of Product

Sikander Hauser is Head of Product at Legl, rethinking the process experiences of law firms and their clients.

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How Legl Helps Firms Comply with Regulatory Requirements

As sanctions lists continue to grow, firms are turning to best-in-class screening tools to manage regulatory requirements.

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Legl in 2022 – The Year in Review

In this post, we highlight some of our business milestones and key feature releases of 2022.

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lawyer law firm business client onboarding

Overcoming the Challenges of Business Client Onboarding

In a recent webinar, we discussed the obligations placed on law firms to undertake due diligence on businesses.

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